Meet the team

Alex C Irving – Director of A Charles IFM

Alex began A Charles Ltd as a specialist M&E service provider to the commercial and industrial industry. Our main focus then, was on electrical installation and inspection and testing. It was here that Alex realised the potential of A Charles Ltd to deliver more services and expanded in to the wider FM services that we now provide today, incorporating the name IFM (Integrated Facilities Management) we became A Charles IFM (AC IFM).

The existing customers were quick to adopt to A Charles IFM for facilities management services and quickly we have become one of the more diverse FM companies in the region as we offered a true Total Facilities Management service.

Our goals for 2016 are based around the improvement on our already impressive 2015 performance results which changed continually as we reached and exceed the milestones we set in a process of continuous improvement. We are happy to say that we have already made significant improvements and will continue to do so leading in to 2017.

We look forward to an exciting year a head with a great team on board. So if you want to know what it feels like to be with a winning team, Call A Charles IFM today and become part of the future of Facilities Management delivery.

Alex C Irving

Director of A Charles IFM.



Emma Gee – FM Accounts Manager

Having attained a BA Honours from the University of Gloucestershire, Emma joined AC IFM as an accounts manager for the delivery of Total Facilities Management, compromising of Hard, Services, Soft services, Compliance services and Reactive works for our corporate client management services.

Emma is a passionate leader and believes that being personally involved in the day to day operational delivery of our services is what makes us stand out from our competition. Emma has a keen ability to develop her self and the engineering team she works with, in order to constantly improve on the working environment in which we operate.

Emma Gee 

FM Accounts Manager – AC IFM.



Peter Rose – Hard Services Manager

Peter is a valued member of the AC IFM team and manages our Hard services projects. Working alongside Emma Gee and our hard service engineering team he is responsible for the site delivery of Hard services and also involved the ongoing training and development of our apprentice engineers.

Peter has spent over 25 years working in the Hard services industry and there is not much that has has not come across. With a keen attitude for quality management and project control, he has the experience and ability to deliver industry leading workmanship across our entire client portfolios.

Peter Rose 

Hard Services Manager – AC IFM.



Robert J Findley – Soft Services Manager

Robert has been with AC IFM since its inception and is responsible for the Soft services delivery that we provide to our clients. He is a time served Engineer and a qualified Teacher – a vocation he chose after many years in a technical role before finally coming back in to Facilities Management with Alex and the team at AC IFM.

Rob is passionate about learning and teaching others which has been a great asset as he delivers continuous personal development, skills upkeep and effective implementation techniques for the entire team at AC IFM.

Robert J Findley

Soft Services Manager – AC IFM.

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