A Charles IFM (AC IFM) are a nationwide provider of Integrated Facilities Management services and we understand your business needs.

For the majority of our customers, focus on total building and service compliance, single point of contact for their entire FM needs and cost reduction programmes to reduce the ongoing costs of the delivery of FM are among their top priorities. It is the understanding and ability to deliver these priorities that sets AC IFM apart from its competition.

As a business model, we constantly invest in emerging technologies and innovative processes in order to stay abreast of market trends and diversify our client services, while exploring changes that could affect our market and business both directly and indirectly. By harnessing the abilities of these new technologies, innovations and processes, we diversify our business offerings to our customers and are more resilient as a business unit to impending change.

As a quality driven provider of Facilities Management services, trusted by many leading companies across the United Kingdom, there are many reasons to outsource your Facilities Management requirements to AC IFM, but perhaps one of the key reasons so many companies choose AC IFM over our competition, is that we are able to self deliver all of our services.


Mission statement and values

Mission statement – To be recognised as a brand of Quality, Innovation and sustainability, unrivalled.


Our values:

Consistency – Consistency in the quality of service that we provide to every one of our customers, no matter size or value.

Success –  By effectively planning and being proactive in our approach to working with our customers, we will be successful in terms of achieving deliverables as set out, customer repeat ordering cycle and higher customer value placement against other known brands.

Adventure – Adventure is a huge part of AC IFM as we try to balance effectively exploration of the services we can look offer to our clients to meet their needs with the right amount of exploitation of the services we do currently offer our clients. With the right balance, we look to add value and credibility to our business as an integrated function of our clients businesses and be viewed as an intricate part of their business model.

Sustainability – Being sustainable for us is all about having a contingency plan for our customers so that we are able to continue our support no matter what is happening around us. Investigating new technologies, changes in market trend and market direction allows us to be at the forefront of change, making us less susceptible to negative impact or being left behind with the development of new technologies and processes. Being sustainable allows us to be chosen as a preferred supplier as we demonstrate that we are committed to providing an ongoing, industry leading service that is continually evolving in the direction of continuous improvement and resilience.


Our roots


AC IFM began in 2012 initially as an electrical contracting partner within the Midlands, before becoming a Nationwide provider of Integrated Facilities Management services (IFM).

Since re-evaluating our business objectives at the end of 2015 to encompass the entire FM service range, we also realised that we needed to create a memorable brand image. This has resulted in us re-branding the company to AC IFM, shortening the ‘A Charles and the addition of IFM (Integrated Facilities Management) as this is the industry that we operate throughout.

In addition to the re branding, we were aware of the necessity to make a difference and stand out from our competition in order to create a value added business, built on solid foundations that will last for generations. And so constantly, we evaluate our service levels in terms of client value perception, relevant service offerings and business direction. By constantly monitoring our business model to that of our competition and more importantly, our client expectations, we continue to deliver a service valued by new and repeat clients alike.

AC IFM have positioned their brand to be considered in the opinion of its customers as; innovative and adaptive in the face of business and market change and one of quality and continuous improvement in the service that we provide.

We are a brand of brand of Quality, Innovation and Sustainability.


Contact us to resolve your Facilities needs and work with a company dedicated to delivering an industry leading service.

We are AC IFM – Dedicated to excellence in FM.

Contact Us:

Tel: 01933 730071
Email: service@acharles.co.uk